Trip Summary: the disclaimer post

Here I am, In San Francisco, awaiting a transfer flight. The last post I wrote was about Yogyakarta, but I was log gone from that location when I wrote the post. And since then, we have been to Jakarta, Singapore, Bangkok, Phuket and Singapore again. So I’m gonna do some fast-track posts to try and get the broad strokes of the trip down…may go back in later and fill in details, or I may not.

Had planned on blogging in real time but a series of problems presented themselves. First of all, my WordPress app kept bugging out, which meant I had to go to the “real” computer to blog. I also had to have a good connection, which was often difficult. And even with a good connection, I needed to reduce the size of my photos if I used the good camera, because uploading the bigger pics to the blog took a stupid amount of time or timed out all together (even though the size was only like 2 meg and wordpress then compressed down further).

And that’s not to mention the fact that it sometimes takes time to actually change an experience into a coherent set of words…

Anyway, the next few posts will be more about the pics than the story. Here goes…

Heading off to see the world, or at least the South Pacific

Yep, we fly to Singapore and then go to Bali for a wonderful 6ish-day stint…then to Jakarta and back to Singapore for a few days…on to Bangkok and finish in Phuket. There will be lots to show and lots to tell. Excited.

For now, take a look at the picture above. This is not me and Aly, but it may as well be because we are going to be at this location at Kata Noi in Phuket towards the end of our stay! For realz!!