Trip Summary: the disclaimer post

Here I am, In San Francisco, awaiting a transfer flight. The last post I wrote was about Yogyakarta, but I was log gone from that location when I wrote the post. And since then, we have been to Jakarta, Singapore, Bangkok, Phuket and Singapore again. So I’m gonna do some fast-track posts to try and get the broad strokes of the trip down…may go back in later and fill in details, or I may not.

Had planned on blogging in real time but a series of problems presented themselves. First of all, my WordPress app kept bugging out, which meant I had to go to the “real” computer to blog. I also had to have a good connection, which was often difficult. And even with a good connection, I needed to reduce the size of my photos if I used the good camera, because uploading the bigger pics to the blog took a stupid amount of time or timed out all together (even though the size was only like 2 meg and wordpress then compressed down further).

And that’s not to mention the fact that it sometimes takes time to actually change an experience into a coherent set of words…

Anyway, the next few posts will be more about the pics than the story. Here goes…

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