It’s wonderful to take a shower outside

I didn’t think I would particularly enjoy the luxe camping element of having private yet outdoor shower, but I was wrong. It was really pleasant, and I didn’t see any wildlife in the shower area until well after I was done and dressed and a large gecko sped down the wall :-)

Anyway, before I move on to new adventures, had to finish the photo story of Bambu Indah, so here you go:

Bambu Indah, Udang House Shower

Outdoor Shower- sort of. There were walls and a ceiling of sorts, and privacy screens so the other houses couldn’t see, but it was still open air, and it was great.

Bambu Indah, Udang House bed

Here is the bed. Each evening, they put the mosquito curtains down. There is a small air conditioner in the ceiling area of the bed. Because the mosquito curtain is more tightly woven than a traditional net, you can keep cool without necessarily cooling the whole room.

Bambu Indah, Udang House

Here is the path to get to our house which is in the background

Bambu Indah pool

Here is the pool, with a few of the house villas around it.

Bambu Indah, Udang House view

The view from our porch

Bambu Indah view

View of the rice fields from the bluff of Bambu Indah.

One thought on “It’s wonderful to take a shower outside

  1. I don’t see how you guys would ever want to leave! It looks and sounds awesome. Just need some pics of the food. 😉

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