Bambu Indah

After a zillion hours of travel, missing luggage and a nauseating drive from the airport to Ubud, we arrive at our destination, Bambu Indah. I should tell you all about it and its owner, John Hardy, but my internet connection is unpredictable, so I will just try to get some pix of this amazing place up instead:

Bambu Indah

The first structure you see upon arrival is the giant lobby and restaurant building – all open air, all built of bamboo using traditional building methods. It is breathtaking.

Bambu Indah Lobby

Upon entering the lobby, there is a woven structure within the larger structure that is the main office. the restaurant extends behind it.

Bambu Indah Lounge

This bamboo structure is the centerpiece of the grounds. It is 2-story open air with a grand view of the rice fields below the bluff edge. It serves as a lounge and they start the day there with yoga each morning.

Bambu Indah View

This is the view from the first floor of the lounge/yoga building. You can barely make out the rice fields in the distance.

Bambu Indah, Udang House

Each “room” is actually it’s own house…authentic Java homes deconstructed and then rebuilt on this site. Our house has a glass floor above water – for real! You can see shrimp and fish swimming in it and it is subtly lit at night.

This is truly an inspiring and beautiful location. The views are magnificent, the feeling is calm and tranquil, and the sounds are of rushing water and birds. YAY!

4 thoughts on “Bambu Indah

  1. Wow those structures are STUNNING! And a glass floor in your room/house? Amazing! I can’t imagine a better place to get a little R&R after such a crazy travel time :)

  2. Do all the rooms have the see through floor, or just yours? Would be cool to light some candles under the hut at night – and see what creatures come out to investigate! How long did it take them to construct those buildings?

    • Ours is only one with glass floor I think. They have some lights underneath but candles would be super cool, except for the “burn the place down” part haha.

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