Padang Padang

One of my bucket list things to see has always been big wave, full tube surfing. I was hoping that this trip would offer me a glimpse of that either in Bali or Thailand. It just so happened that while we were driving to Uluwatu Temple, we saw signs for the Rip Curl Cup Surfing Competition which ran from July 15 – August 26 in Padang Padang. Wha? It’s July 15! YAY!

The tagline for the event is “It’s on when it’s on.” So this means that the event, which will actually be on one day, some time within this window. The forecasters will be on the lookout for a day that looks like it would have the “epic swell” and they call it, with the surfers having 24 hours to make it to Padang Padang for the event.

Padang Padang is a small beach at the bottom of a cliff, with many steps and a cavelike tunnel to get down to it.

Padang Padang Rip Curl Cup

From the bridge at the top of the cliff, here is Padang Padang Beach, with the Rip Curl Cup stage getting set up

Padang Padang Beach

There wasn’t much surfing going on when we arrived…the “epic swell” was definitely not today…but the beach was hoppin’

Padang Padang Beach

The beach is nestled into the cliffs, with lots of cliff overhangs that provide shade and shelter (assuming it’s not underwater:-)

Padang Padang

The water looks gorgeously blue-green and is completely clear when you stand in it. These are the beach colors I’ve been looking for!

Padang Padang

When the tide is down, there are many rocky nooks and crannies to explore

Padang Padang fishing

Apparently some good fishing too…this dude is done for the day.

Padang Padang offerings

The awesomeness of Bali’s Hindu culture…there are offerings everywhere, even on the beach.

Padang Padang

Just another little area to explore

Padang Padang

Well, didn’t see much surfing here, but it was still well worth the visit.

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